12 September 2014

We participated in the Customer Service Experience Exhibition in New York from August 18-20, 2014 as a Gold Sponsor. The Customer Solutions Expo offered three parallel events at the Marriott Marquis across different floors: SpeechTek, CRM Evolution, and Customer Service Management.

Our booth, 418, showcased an exciting stand design, displaying our messages to visitors.


Our stand at Customer Service fair in NY

We put forward six important messages:

  1. Customer Service Management is a sub-field of Business Process Management. It is much more than simply assigning numbers to tickets or tracking ticket status. Ticketing is not enough. We focus on the details under the “in progress” status.
  2. Customer Service Management is not a module or part of a bigger project. Customer Service Management stands alone as an area of expertise and is essential to a company’s survival.
  3. Customer Service Management is an end-to-end process. It starts with the issue submission and ends when the customer is satisfied and the issue is resolved. It is critical to plan all workflows and interfaces and track all steps and actions taken. When a ticket is late, escalation is needed to ensure customer satisfaction.
  4. You need to design your service desk yourself. You should not have to depend on your IT department or your vendor to catch the changes in customer relations; you need be able to design your own workflows and interfaces to resolve customer issues.
  5. Regardless of what channel the customer is using, you should have a single view of customers. A customer who sent an email yesterday is calling back. Agents, when picking up the phone, should immediately see what that customer said in his email.
  6. Customer Service Management needs to be integrated into your legacy systems.

Nine questions about customer service answered positively by Mi4biz

One of the panels in our booth asked visitors nine questions:

  1. Do you have a single customer view across all channels?
  2. Do you know who is working on an issue, who will take the next, who is on time and who is late?
  3. Are you able to design processes, user interfaces, SLA’s and escalations without writing code?
  4. Is your customer service management integrated with your other systems?
  5. Do you have a Knowledge Base for end-users and a Self Desk for customers?
  6. Are you able to keep your customers instantly notified via email and sms?
  7. Are your customers able to track their complaints from your website?
  8. Do you manage complaints according to ISO 10002 standards?
  9. Are you able to analyze the complaints for customizable KPI’s?


Our presentation and live demo showed that the answers by customers using Mi4biz are all YES, because Mi4biz offers these unique features:

  • Mi4biz unifies all communication channels and creates a single view of the customer.
  • Mi4biz manages the issue resolution process through all departments, branches, and vendors.
  • For different types of issues, you can design your own workflows and your own interfaces or change them any time without any help from IT or any other vendor.
    Mi4biz offers Knowledge Base management for users and a Self Desk for customers.
  • Mi4biz’s Reports and Dashboards measure service management performance and track KPIs.
  • You can easily integrate Mi4biz into your business.