What Did Our Customers Achieve With Mi4biz?

1 March 2018

In essence, Mi4biz is a platform whereby all your management issues pertaining to customer demands; whether it be from a call centre, customer services department or a single centre in the company, is integrated into its solution process. This empowers you to then systematically design your own workflow which will reflect upon the different categories of problems your company may have, as well as coordinate how to forward notifications received from the various channels directly to a single center. Mi4biz asked questions to customers who have directly benefited from this advantageous platform some of which included: What changes did you notice after using Mi4biz and what kind of tasks were expedited? What sort of results did you witness?

Below you can find testimonies given by our customers after using Mi4biz. We very much hope you will find their experiences both enlightening and enjoyable.

We found that the platform we were previously using from Allianz required large amounts of IT support and system sources. As a direct result of using Mi4biz, without using the previous system which was heavily reliant on sources, we can now quickly incorporate the system without much IT support.

Ozcan Varna
Allianz Turkey Customer Services Group Chairman

Our target is to relay Mi4biz’s strategy upon each platform where our customers are present. Management complaints from each channel has become much easier to administer which in large part is due to Mi4biz’s flawless operation system as well as our own professional staff. In any case, Mi4biz alleviates our work through precisely reporting on notifications received by our bank.

Ebru Turhan Keskin
Complaint Management Team Manager

After operating the division system provided by Mi4biz, we can now clearly distinguish when our VIP customers have any complaints or demands and can automatically prioritise said issues. We can now also initiate alarm systems for the quality of a product through the system. By doing so, it enables us to monitor complaints related with any faults in newly released models thus speeding the resolution process by the appropriate departments. The ability to proactively solve any issues before they amass or worsen is extremely advantageous to us.

Zulfiye Akcicek Coskun
Customer Communication Center Manager

After a two-week trial period of Mi4biz, we are now in a position to monitor all complaints due to their successful integration capacity, training and consultancy support as well as the easy use of the system. We can now efficiently manage all our products, without losing any data, through the ERP integration system which Mi4biz provides.

Oya Karagoz
Customer Experience & Campaign Manager

Prior to Mi4biz, we were having to form a customer log for each notification received from a customer, however, after applying Mi4biz’s system we can now successfully classify customer demands and complaints. Moreover, we can now also view the history of a customer with our company through simply accessing the database, which stores all previous encounters with our company. As such, we not only save time through this new process but also avoid having to log in a new customer every time we receive a demand or a complaint.

Eylul Eygi
Business Development Manager

Prior to Mi4biz, we were managing our customer services via e-mail – we were replying to approximately 200-250 emails on a daily basis. As soon as we received a notification all our staff were involved in some capacity, regardless of their status, thus causing unnecessary internal traffic. Nonetheless, we now have an astute hierarchic structure in place whereby all staff members’ views and replies to notifications are directly related to their department. As a result, productivity levels have risen along with our business now operating under a securer systemic infrastructure.

Hande Canoglu Korkmaz
Senior Consumer Insights Manager

Oriflame opted to use its own intercompany analysis alongside Mi4biz’s solution process. We are glad to say that we did not encounter any problems at any point during the system transfer, the processes over planning the business or development. We vastly benefit from the continuous development and uninterrupted communication abilities of the system.

Nursel Kolemen
Customer Services Manager

By using Mi4biz, our customer services have most definitely improved; we can now successfully prevent the occurrence of repeat loggings for customer demands and operate specific automation rules during processes concerning filtering and forwarding. Through doing so, customer queries can be automatically forwarded to their respective categories without requiring any human contact thus decreasing the chances of error and accelerating the rate of resolving any issues.

Baris Inan
Marketing and Customer Demand Management Directorship, Digital Channels Manager

We have noted our reporting process to have been enhanced since we are now fully in control of the process, and our results have surpassed what we had initially expected. We were previously heavily reliant on the IT department, which is now not the case as well as 90% of all our customer calls being resolved at the first contact. After the implementation of Mi4biz’s systems, we were bestowed with an award as the best trademark in managing customer experiences.

Sedat Altuntas
1v1y Customer Services Manager

Our call center was classically designed; our agents received calls which they then forwarded to the respective departments, when the issue was resolved they would then return the call. After Mi4biz, we re-named the call center to “solution center” – the first within our sector to do so.

İlker Mermertas
Operations Director

Implementing Mi4biz aided us with transferring documents across the system. Previously, documents would travel between departments and be cast aside onto desks resulting in customer issues getting delayed. Legal penalty risks from late applications diminished as we can now keep track of all legal processes via Mi4biz.

Orhan Sonmez
Customer Services Group Manager

Business development, organizing management with our own sources as well as moving onwards from IT issues are but a handful of the many advantages we have experienced with Mi4biz. The positive results we have witnessed by choosing Mi4biz is also reflected in our customer feedback forms.

Gokhan Pacali
Customer Services Manager

Through using Mi4biz, we are able to keep our customers in the loop regarding the status of their demand or complaint. As such, we are able to constantly monitor the relevant department, individual and every detail of the customer’s demand to ensure it is resolved as swiftly as possible. We have a system set in place which enables us to: define each problem, determine the workflow, assign the relevant department and member of staff, monitor the status and report any delay to a senior member of staff.

Salih Karabulut
Service and Customer Experience Manager

Using Mi4biz has facilitated us to easily adapt to BDDK’s regulations and prepare their required forms. Mi4biz is in complete accordance with our company’s information security rules.

Refia Isik Aydin
Ethics and Customer Manager

The biggest problem for our company was managing customer complaints including the follow up with the solution. However, with Mi4biz we can now integrate our complaints into the system with a 100% monitoring ability. This has really helped us to manage all processes as well as the process between complaining parties and responding parties.

Erdem Zekeriya Iskenderoglu
IT Manager

We can now provide a technological support service in a new sphere, with a new style, all thanks to Mi4ibz. Now when we receive a call, we attempt to resolve the issue at hand both promptly and in accordance with our internal system. Mi4biz has granted us the competence to provide a flexible, easily integrated and reportable structure to all our customers. Mi4biz can measure the infrastructure of different types of customers in order for them to be managed from one single center.

Orcun Obalar
Sales and Marketing Manager

Mi4biz has assisted us in managing all the many different demands received from our customers via their notification management process which we effectively use to direct inventory management and maintenance contract scopes.

Gokhan Uzun
Egebimtes Technical Service Department Manager