Unified Customer Repository With a Single View

Do you have difficulties in consolidating customer data, eliminating duplicates and inconsistency? Would you like to segment your customers also according to their digital behaviors in addition to their gender or hair color? If you need a better unified customer view, now it’s time to replace the boring traditional segmentations with the our Unified Customer Repository!

Rapid change in customer digital behavior on omni-channel experience is creating an agile business landscape need to improve online marketing and sales strategies. Without customers, your business wouldn’t be in the market. So knowing, understanding, and targeting your customer inside out is the key.

Pinpoint your target audience, empower your sales!

Integrated CRM Mi4biz offers a single view of customer with its Unified Customer Repository to create actionable customer insight and build a central repository of customers across every touch point.

Mi4biz’s unified customer view empowers your data collection for a deeper customer engagement, creates an integrated understanding of the omni-channel customer and provides a seamless connection between sales activities and your marketing campaigns.

How to use Selphiu’s this feature?

Easy to use CRM software Mi4biz gives you a complete view of your sales and marketing landscape for the better customer insight. With Mi4biz’s Unified Customer Repository you can collect customer data from different sources, check consistency, correctness and accuracy, eliminate duplicates and integrate seamlessly with your applications.

Selphiu’s this unique feature helps you to apply multi-dimensional segmentation by using customer’s information, tags, and digital behaviours.

What are the benefits of the Unified Customer Repository inside Selphiu?

Unified Customer Repository effectively segments your data and understands customers’ behavior to bring a real value for your sales efforts. Through the use of integrated and consolidated customer data, a unified customer experience offers a great personalized digital campaign management for every profile.

Gather Data Effectively

  • Collects data from your web site visitors digital behaviors,
  • Collects data from you e-mail campaigns,
  • You can benefit from the two-way integration of customer information between Mi4biz and your applications,
  • Bulk import of customer information from spreadsheets and other formats,
  • Integration of forms in your websites to record visitors information,
  • Custom data entry interfaces for in-house or outsource users.

Unified Customer Repository

Maintain Consistency and Correctness

Maintain Consistency and Correctness

You can define rules to check consistency and correctness while data entry, data integration, and bulk data imports,

  • Mi4biz’s “learning engine” automatically reveals out missing information like mail format, mail address, gender, segment, and other structured information,
  • Mi4biz offers services to confirm the accuracy of mail addresses,
  • You can set your rules to identify unique customer information. Mi4biz lists duplicate records based on the rules,
  • Mi4biz reports incorrect information such as obsolete current job information of your leads.

Use Tags to Segment Your List

Use Tags to Segment Your List

  • You can use easy to use tagging feature to segment customers instantly.
  • Set rules for automatic and bulk tagging (such as “last week web site visitors”, “new blog subscribers” etc).

Multidimensional Segmentation Based On

  • Common attributes (such as gender, age, location, preferences etc).
  • Digital behaviours (such as when and which emails are read or clicked, when, which pages are visited).

Enhance Customer Repository

Enhance Customer Repository

  • You can add new fields to customer repository,
  • Customize interfaces,
  • Use new attributes as segmentation and filtering.

How can I get?

Centralize your customer! Simplify your marketing and sales landscape with the Unified Customer Repository feature. We are working to transform your work style. To learn more about the Selphiu and the features, contact us.