The Capabilities That Lead Our Customers to Prefer Mi4biz

30 October 2017

Mi4biz helps you to plan all processes related to your workflow in advance. It does this by listening to your customers from all available channels and provide them with detailed information. It also assists in creating workflows without any IT help as well as begin your pre-planned solution processes and maximise the outcome of any potential mistakes.

Below you will find reasons why our customers left their existing systems and opted for Mi4biz and why they prefer their new system. We hope you enjoy reading what they have to say.

Mi4biz is very user-friendly and retains all functions needed in a notification management system including escalation structure, workflow etc. We believe it to be a great advantage that the changes of process or the flows from business departments can be managed by users without any IT support. Therefore, Mi4biz has become much more notable than any other product.

Ozcan Varna
Allianz Turkey Customer Services Group Executive

We integrated our system with Mi4iz as we know our customers, display the demand history and provide faster service in a shorter time. Since all our branches, head office units and our Operations Centre in Kahramanmaras are working in sync on the same programme and progressing from a single point, it has most definitely eased our processes and business as a whole.

Ebru Turhan Keskin
Customer Complaint Team Manager

We needed a platform which we could maintain constant communication with customers across every channel but also one that we could install and manage independently. Subsequently, our search began. It was at a call centre conference when we had the opportunity to view a Mi4biz presentation and found ourselves saying: “This is exactly what we need!”

Hande Canoglu Korkmaz
Senior Consumer Insights Manager

Zülfiye Akçiçek Coşkun

At Bosch Termoteknik our principle strategy is to remain customer focused. We thought Mi4biz would ensure that we could generate alarms regarding the quality of our products which led us to start a personal service with Mi4biz. For example, we currently track mistakes of a new model and allow them to quickly be resolved by the relevant departments. The ability to intervene before problems worsen through being proactive is a great advantage for us.

Zulfiye Akcicek Coskun
Customer Communication Center Executive

Eylül Eygi

Not only is Mi4biz a local product but it also has a structure that allows us to make any changes we want. We decided to use Mi4biz to trace our customers’ history, facilitate communication between internal departments and to stand by a customer until his/her notification is closed. We particularly liked the fact that we could design the program without receiving any help from the IT department.

Eylul Eygi
Business Development Director

Oya Karagöz

We chose Mi4biz so that we could take advantage of features including integration possibilities, easy use, training and consulting support. Within around two weeks, we were able to follow our complaints end to end.

Oya Karagoz
Customer Retention & Campaigns Manager

Sedat Altuntaş

We began our search for a business partner who could be distinguished in customer satisfaction as well as create awareness for it, and we found Mi4biz to be a firm whom we could trust. We also benefit from Mi4biz’s experience and value that fact that we can speak a common language when we explain our targets.

Sedat Altuntas
Customer Services Executive

Gökhan Paçalı

Some of the reasons which lead us to Mi4biz was effective time management, the possibility to design without help from IT, its cloud feature, the opportunity to analyse cases immediately after, measuring by following up in certain processes and being a suitable system for our new substructure.

Gokhan Pacali
Customers Group Executive

Barış İnan

As we an insurance company, the most common contact we receive is regarding damage claims. In addition to customers, we have many business partners some of which include agencies, hospitals, auto services etc. We have been using Mi4biz for the past year and combine all these platforms onto a single platform and follow it up with a 360-degree view to avoid duplicate records and most importantly to better serve our customers.

Baris Inan
Marketing and Customer Management Digital Channels Executive

İlker Mermertaş

Our company began using Mi4biz to have a greater understanding of our customers and to create a better line of contact with them. We chose Mi4biz for its abilities for quick and efficient performance, assessing when to either add a structure or new integration, its reporting features and its single screen system.

Ilker Mermertas
Operation Director

Refia Işık Aydın

Through Mi4biz we can quickly adapt to the committee regulations on banking supervision and easily prepare any required reports. Mi4biz works exactly in accordance with our information security rules.

Refia Isık Aydin
Ethics and Customer Director

Orhan Sönmez

We initiated a change movement to keep in step with technology forwarding the malfunction notices, leakage notices, complaint and demands to the relevant departments, solving them and replying back to the customer. In the context of this change movement, we decided on Mi4biz as the optimal system for our company’s requirements.

Orhan Sonmez
Customers Group Executive

Tenol Türkoğlu

Mi4biz’s interface and workflows can easily be designed for business units, independent of IT departments thus resulting in the IT’s workload decreasing. As it is integrated with banking systems, we can use all the information in a customer’s bank from complaints management. We no longer have to go from one screen to another and we can now design hundreds of processes on a single platform integrated with each other.

Tanol Turkoglu
COO (Technology, Operation, Digital Banking)

Erdem Zekeriya İskenderoğlu

Mi4biz enables collecting and managing notifications from all communication channels in a single centre. When complaints are recorded the work can be assigned to the relevant department via Mi4biz as well as measuring the performance of each team.

Erdem Zekeriya Iskenderoglu
IT Manager

Orçun Obalar

Mi4biz offers a flexible, easy to integrate and reportable structure to all its customers. Mi4biz manages the infrastructure of different customers from a single centre via scaling.

Orcun Obalar
Sales and Marketing Director

Gökhan Uzun

In Mi4biz’s notification management process, we can simultaneously carry out all inventory management and easily follow-up maintenance agreements.

Gokhan Uzun
Egebimtes Technical Service Department Director