Task Management for Your Business

Do you have enough time to delegate work tasks effectively? How to simplify your business to-do list and make it efficient? Sometimes the questions are very complicated and the answers are just simple. The right CRM and task management software can bring all of your tasks together in one place.

Keeping track of work process and managing a team can be very difficult. One of the biggest challenges is that a company can fall into is the management of confusing new tasks crop up each day. They must be done right on time with leveraging sales funnels, activities to manage project deadlines.

Managing your tasks can be a lot easier than you think!

To manage your teams for a right on time and successful sale, you need to assign tasks and track the status. You must work with the “complete” and “integrated” task management to correlate sales activities.

Formalistech’s Selphiu offers an Integrated CRM with project management and tasks by the ability of capturing customer digital behavior data and enhanced communication with Mi4biz. It is a powerful all in one CRM and project management software that can be used to organize business tasks, meetings, projects, marketing and sales activities, improve customer service strategies and support with the time management.

Selphiu’s task management feature brings all of your tasks together in one place, where you can prioritize, manage, distribute and assign your team’s works.

How to use Selphiu?

Easy to use CRM software Selphiu gives you a complete 360 degree view of your sales and marketing landscape for better project management. You can manage tasks by simply adding people to the task list.

  • Build task groups, invite attendees both from inside and outside your organization.
  • Determine task followers.
  • Track task owner’s, attendee’s and follower’s comments.
  • Add documents and images.
  • Archive emails, attach meeting notes.
  • Prioritize tasks and monitor their progress, manage deadlines.
  • Daily, weekly reminders for task owners, assignee and followers.
  • Filter on going, accomplished or critical tasks.
  • Create and update tasks inline.

You can also manage tasks for sales funnel management!

  • Associate tasks with specific customers, manage sales pipeline steps.
  • Automatic task assignment using business rules such as:
    • When your e-mail link is clicked, assign a task to a sales person.
    • When your proposal is downloaded, assign a follow up call to a sales person.
    • When a new blog subscription, assign a task to your sales team for an appointment.
    • When a web page is visited by a prospect, assign a task to follow up proposal to sales group.
    • When an email can’t be delivered to a task, check the contact information.

What are the benefits of task management inside Selphiu?

With Selphiu’s structure, you can follow different projects, distribute workload resources for different activities, set up dependent tasks, and keep track of your project timetables.

  • Assign and track tasks, add followers, let them comment and manage deadlines.
  • Manage projects, time and budget.
  • Use the automation of daily tasks and efficiency for multiple teams.
  • Workflow reporting and dashboards features give you full visibility into data and also where and how your team is working on tasks.
  • Work with integrating multiple project management features, under one roof for better coordination.
    Motivating your team projects from start to finish.
  • Increase customer satisfaction, your business efficiency and profits.

How can I get?

Providing great customer service is an excellent process for every business. We are working to transform your work style. To learn more about the Selphiu and the features, contact us.