Sales Reports and Dashboards

Do you have marketing and sales KPIs?
Do you measure and improve?
Do you know how much digital interest you gained?
How many contents of yours are read? What did they read next?
How many campaign clicks turned into meeting or even contract?
How many appointments you take each week? Any improvements?
How many proposals turn into contract? Is it getting better or not?
In which sector, in which market you perform marketing better?

Which content and which campaigns performs better, how many new appointments taken, how many proposal sent, what is our hit ratio. Compare in which hours and days of the week e-mail campaigns performs better, who clicked which page or email.

Marketing and Sale KPIs

  • Count the new visits and clicks on your web site
  • Count the clicks in marketing emails.
  • What about the read/click ratio in your email campaigns
  • How many appointment has been set, how many prospects has been  generated?
  • In which sectors, for which title, in which days or hours, in which city, etc. you get better results?
  • How many proposals turned into sale?
  • What is the average duration of a sale process?
  • Which sales phases takes longer in which sectors?

and many more

You can design your own reports and dashboards.