SaaS and Still Integrated

In the ideal digital transformation, automated processes should be fully integrated. In other words automated processes and your other systems should be parts of a unified solution.

Mi4biz SaaS platform has been already integrated to thousands of systems in almost all verticals. In addition Mi4biz is ready to be integrated to any system, all of Mi4biz API’s are well documented with code samples. Your teams or third parties can develop new integrations.

Mi4biz is on the cloud but offers robust integration with your local systems by secure API’s documented on the developer web site. Embed as an iframe on your local applications or vice versa. Read and write on your legacy databases and trigger actions seamlessly.

Plug and Play Integrations With:

  • EMail systems
  • SMS systems
  • Data import and export

Application Applications

  • Embedding external application and iframes
  • Embedding Mi4biz iframes to other applications
  • Helpcenter configuration

Plug and Play Integrations With:

  • Trigger a Mi4biz event or function.
  • Trigger an external event from Mi4biz
  • Get, add or change any record or status information from Mi4biz