Mi4biz Success Story : Zeytinburnu Municipality

The Municipality of Zeytinburnu uses Mi4biz to transform complaints of the Citizens into Satisfaction.

8 May 2017

The Zeytinburnu Municipality of Istanbul is focused on the principle that citizens are the foremost foundation of our society. As such, it has the ambition to deliver fast and easy to access communications, and increase the citizen satisfaction through increasing efficiency and quality of service.

We got together with the Head of the Information Technologies Department of Zeytinburnu Municipality of Istanbul, Erdem Zekeriya İskenderoğlu, -who has been using Mi4biz to manage citizen complaints since 2012– to understand how they manage the requests of the citizens and what Mi4biz provides for their complaints management.

Zeytinburnu municipality

Zeytinburnu Municipality Contact Center

In addition to the call center operations with seven operators from 08:00 a.m. to midnight, they are able to receive complaints also through thei website, email, sms and “the white desk.” (a special service provided by Turkish municipalities to solve the problems of the citizens) channels. We were informed that their top three channels where they receive the greatest number of complaints are phone calls, website, and in person at the white desk. İskenderoğlu said that they also receive complaints from İSKİ (Department of Water Management in Turkey) and the Municipality of İstanbul. Through Mi4biz, they are able to collect and manage all these complaints into a single center In addition to the call center, Mi4biz is also utilized in various other departments. As such, once a complaint becomes recorded, it becomes possible via Mi4biz to assign it to the specific department, and it is also possible to measure the performance of the teams involved. With Mi4biz, they may plan and identify the users and the departments to be assigned for request processing.

A total of 276 different categories of complaints -on topics such as problems with the pavements, planting of trees, etc. – are managed by Zeytinburnu Municipality. The number of requests they manage daily is changing during the year: for example, during periods of frequent excursions and activities, or when tax payment deadlines are approaching. They also observed a general increase of the complaints. Through the automated email and SMS feature of Mi4biz, citizens are always kept notified of the status of their complaints.

İskenderoğlu listed the three most important benefits of Mi4biz: the ability to track citizen complaints processes in detail (with the complaints history), the ability to assign complaints instantly through workflows, and the ease with which it becomes possible to utilize Mi4biz in many departments due to the web-based structure. He told us the following words about  the changes that Mi4biz has brought to their complaints management and on how it daily aids their support to the citizens:

“A process of citizen satisfaction has been established by our Solution Center, with the objective of enabling and improving the sustainability of the satisfaction of our citizens. The process of the handling of citizen complaints, is managed in accordance with the requirements of the TS ISO 10002 standards. Our municipality views the feedback related to its services not as complaints, but as tools of development and improvement conveyed to the municipality for us to work on, fix, or take preventive measures. Yet, each and every complaint sent us by our citizens is an issue,and each complaint is an opportunity for us to remedy whatsoever had previously been lacking in the services that we provide.
All complaints received by the service-oriented public institution (the Solution Center of the Zeytinburnu Municipality) are evaluated from a perspective of continuous improvement in the services provided. For this reason, being able to have the complaints registered, responded,and analyzed in a single database is very important  from the perspective of the improvement process.
In citizen complaints management, Mi4biz has made it possible for us to conclude our complaints with 360º surveillance. It has furthermore made possible our biggest challenge: the tracking of the complaints resolution time. It has assisted us in the speed increase of the resolution of citizen complaints and in making document tracking easy. The sending of sms to citizens once a complaint has been submitted, enabling the citizen to track their complaint online, having departments heads informed instantly of any delayed complaints, and the instant forwarding of registered complaints to the related unit as work orders are also important features to be found in our system. As Mi4biz is a web application, it becomes possible to log in to the system from any location with internet access. This has made the instant receipt and solution of complaints possible.
To sum up, Mi4biz has helped us to begin to manage not only the processes between the complainer and the receiver of the call, but the whole complaints management process”.

Last year, the Zeytinburnu Municipality of Istanbul earned the right to obtain the ISO 10002 Certificate of Quality in Customer Satisfaction. İskenderoğlu told us of how during the initial set up, they examined the entire system with Mi4biz and applied for the ISO 10002 quality certificate. He stated that they didn’t face any problem during the audit period of the certification, and the reports presented by Mi4biz made it easier to be qualified for ISO 10002 certificate. There is also an interesting anecdote from the audit period of ISO 10002 certification. He told us the story of how, using Mi4biz, the resolved complaints on waste collection services of the municipality were audited within four hours. He told us of how -to test the complaints management process- the auditor of the institution of quality certification had disguised himself as a common citizen and sent in a request for waste collection service through the call center. With the new issue submitted on Mi4biz, the relevant staff instantly received work orders, and within two hours, the waste in the area of concern had been collected. And every month Murat Aydın, the Mayor of the Zeytinburnu Municipality, examines the complaints found in Mi4biz, and specifically surveys the complaints management system by calling citizens up to evaluate resolved complaints.

İskenderoğlu told us of how, before Mi4biz, they had been unable to learn or measure the types of complaints received from particular regions; and that Mi4biz had made it possible to analyze issues using regional dimensions. He added that through Mi4biz they are able to prepare detailed reports of citizen complaints and to measure improvements in numbers.

Zeytinburnu ISO 10002 certification with Mi4biz

Zeytinburnu ISO 10002 certification

He said: “Thanks to the detailed reports we get, we are able to observe all the processes in complaints management. Based on the topics and resolution time of the complaints, we identify the problems and create suggestions for solutions. Once these solutions have been implemented, we are able to observe the improvements in numbers. The satisfaction survey that we have conducted on our citizens provide us with important information on this regard”.

The Zeytinburnu Municipality, which received 10.513 calls within the first six months of 2013, was able to achieve 100% success in meeting solution times promised to citizens. The Mi4biz dashboard and reports make it possible to prepare statistics on recurring complaints and issues, complaints sought to be resolved through external measures, procedures that have been improved thanks to complaints, the ratio of complaints comparisons, performance of citizen representatives and many more details. İskenderoğlu confirmed that they resolved 93% of the complaints received, and 51,028 of the 52,388 calls received in 2013 have been answered with 93% of them had been answered within 20 seconds.

The Zeytinburnu Municipality of Istanbul also conducts its citizen satisfaction surveys with Mi4biz, and is able to report survey results and provide relevant feedback. In the near future, a collaboration is planned with Mi4biz for the integration of geographical information systems. It will aim to utilize the integration of geographical information systems to identify the types of complaints received from each particular region and to create maps of complaints density. A more focused approach in complaints management is the new target, with density maps opening up in the screens of the related department managers.

The Zeytinburnu Municipality in numbers:

  • Population served: 292,407
  • Total area served: 13.75 km2
  • Number of districts: 13