Importance of an Omnichannel Help Desk Platform

Everyone would readily agree that Omnichannel Help Desk is a must but running a customer service department is a tough job at the same time.

18 December 2017

Subscribers Turn Into Customers

Things constantly change: new customers join the company portfolio, existing customers change their preferences, the products themselves change and so do your rivals and what not… The one thing that remains constant is the necessity to provide excellent customer service. That is why those dealing with customer experience management have a tough job. Below are a series of confessions. Which country do you think these confessions come from?

To achieve an Omnichannel Help Desk, call centers immediately come to mind when one speaks of complaint management since we look for a solution in call centers first. Do we want to be a company that is sensitive to the customer’s concerns? Then let’s establish a call center and be done with it!

We purchase the best call center system; we record all customer calls, we have an intelligent voice response system and what not… Add to that our technology investment which most call centers can only dream about.

We have created our in-house systems using the world’s most recognized enterprise applications such as ERP, HR, CRM, e-mail and others.

We regularly train our center employees; shifts and break times are fixed; team leaders, supervisors, motivational activities… We go the whole nine yards.

We have an IT department and expert consultants; daily wages, meetings, project plans, project completion dates according to changing needs, postponements, and rollovers have indeed become the all too familiar routine.

And in the mean time, our customers do not cut us any slack. They keep posting complaints through all channels and platforms. As if contacting the call center and sending an e-mail were not enough, they post comments on Facebook, send tweets on twitter, and some even go so far as to use consumer complaints websites. Some even come to our branch or store to personally express their complaints and gripes…

This is where an Omnichannel Help Desk comes in play

Our call center is growing and so do the customer complaints. In a bid to stem the constant flow of complaints, we decide to outsource our customer services but we get the same results; then we abandon outsourcing and decide to do it ourselves and the complaints still keep soaring. After a while, things come to a stage where customers start complaining about the very call center which was meant to bring solutions to their problems.angry-man-mi4biz

Without an Omnichannel Help Desk solution, the customer first sends an e-mail and contacts our call center straight afterwards… This is all fine but the customer service agent has not the slightest clue about the e-mail? How is he supposed to access the information which tells him the current status of the customer complaint? Neither the CRM system nor the automated mail system is able to relay this crucial piece of information to the call center staff…

This leaves us groping around looking for it. When we ask the back office agent, he says: ”I have sent an e-mail to the operations department and gotten no response” and shows us the records that he keeps. When we ask the operations department, the reply we get is: ”The customer query was not directly related to me; so I called the customer and he told me about his complaint and I referred him to another department”. So we call that department to which the customer was referred to find out about the status of the complaint. It seems the customer communicated his complaint to that department, too. Time ticks away. In spite of all the systems that are supposed to help things run more smoothly, no one has the foggiest clue what is really going on. Receiving the complaint; then sending an e-mail to the department, branch, store or the supplier and waiting for a response and trying to keep track of the status of the complaint via manually prepared charts drive customers and us simply insane just because of a lack of Omnichannel Help Desk Solution

The customer has been made to explain his complaint over and over again and, perhaps with good reason, got negative ideas about the way we do business. That leaves the reputation of all our well-meaning staff that are doing their best to solve the problem in shambles, let alone our corporate reputation. We may lose the customer to our competitors simply because of this.

The only viable solution to get around this conundrum would be to follow up on and manage and resolve the complaint, from the time it has been lodged, via a single platform…

We hit the rock bottom!

There is a certain discrepancy between our expectations from our customer service employees and their professional competencies. We expect young and inexperienced agents to face the most disgruntled customers and find a solution to their problems. A call center agent should only be supposed to know how to ‘’categorize’’ the complaint rather than make decisions on who would be best qualified to respond to the customer query and escalate the call accordingly to the relevant department. As a corporation, we should have a fixed policy which guides us on how to respond to different customer complaints. We end up losing customers each time we try to figure out how to respond to a certain customer complaint.

Confessions of a Customer Relations Manager mi4biz 2

We have no idea from what products and services in which regions we get the most complaints. We have not compiled enough reports to tell us why delays occur in departments and regional branches. We are not able to track how the statistics change over time according to channels, categories, departments and branches. For instance, the customer may have an inkling of the root causes of the complaints but most of the time we are just not able to diagnose it since the systems that we use do not provide us with these information.

What difference would it make if we were to change the work flow for a particular kind of complaint or insert a special section onto the page and try to retrieve this information from the customer himself? If we were to go down that road, we would have to ask for an appointment from the IT department and the consultants, and explain to them why we think this change needs to be implemented. Perhaps they’ll listen and see your point. But that won’t be enough because most of the time they have a lot on their plates and they’ll need to make a plan to implement these changes. And you cannot fault them for that; we’ll have to wait until they find time for us in their busy schedule but what about our customers? Will they be waiting too? People do not have any time to lose…

An Omnichannel Help Desk solution: Mi4biz

Both local and global. So, when you need something, you’ll have a team based in Maslak at your immediate beck and call rather than wait for a reply from India for 15 days. Because it is local and it is by your side. And it is global at the same time. It is a widely acknowledged product that is sold in the USA and all the other countries in the world. But, it is local and it is being developed in this country.

It is a cost-effective Omnichannel solution. In the cloud system, you pay a monthly rent per each user. There are no exponential payments or implementations dragging on for months or years on end or mandatory usage periods. It allows you to design and develop each process and each page. You won’t even need us or a separate IT department. You won’t need to choose the most tech-savvy employee among you. Make your own decisions and make your own changes.

A thorough Omnichannel solution mechanism. A solution mechanism that allows you to manage the whole process, from the moment the issue has been raised to the moment it has been resolved, together with your departments, branches, stores and suppliers via a single platform. A solution mechanism that instantly tells you who first responded to the customer query; to which departments or persons it was then escalated; and who worked on the customer complaint afterwards; and who is currently in charge of it and what will be done next.

An Omnichannel solution mechanism which allows you to determine and plan in advance what tasks each customer agent does, in what order and for how long for each issue. A solution mechanism that runs the processes that you have determined from end to end each time a new complaint is made. Just as required by ISO 10002: “Plan your course of action for each complaint and act like you planned when dealing with such complaints.”

An Omnichannel solution mechanism that instantly provides you with all the information you need relating to the customer and his past in a single screen from every angle.

So the customer first sent an e-mail or a tweet and then contacted the call center? The agent will have all the information he needs at his finger tips, from the customer’s past calls, to how you responded to those calls, what action you need to take next and all the other necessary information. There are no duplicate entries and no sad episodes where the customer is made to explain his complaint over and over again.

An Omnichannel solution mechanism which keeps the customer constantly informed. A system which communicates to the customer via SMS or e-mail the status of his lodged complaint and the steps that will be taken to resolve the issue. The customer must be reassured that something is actually being done to bring his complaint to a resolution.

An Omnichannel system which keeps your employees constantly informed about the tasks assigned to them for the resolution of the complaints. A platform they can interact with using a

An Omnichannel Help Desk solution on the cloud

computer or a mobile device wherever they might be. All they’ll need is an Internet connection.

A system which keeps the managers constantly informed of delays. A system where you can fictionalize escalations and carry them to the highest level. When there is a delay, simply inform the first line of manager on the escalation. Give additional time for the resolution of the problem. If the problem has not been resolved yet, escalate the issue to the next manager in line or even to the top management. Just like the way you have fictionalized it!

A solution mechanism which only requires the agent to determine the type of the complaint. A solution which allows you to predefine how the complaint is going to be resolved. In short, it is a solution mechanism where you define beforehand the whole process relating to the resolution of customer complaints.

A system which keeps track of each step, each department and employee on the basis of criteria such as products and categories until the issue has been resolved and provides feedback on the dashboard and through reports. A solution mechanism which allows you to constantly gauge any change or slip in standards and make timely improvements.