13 July 2016

Do you remember that logo? A logo on old records with a cute puppy faced towards the gramophone… With an accompanying note: “His Master’s Voice – Trademark”

This HMV logo belonging to Gramophone Company captures the image of a dog that lost its owner fulfilling its longing listening to its owner’s voice from the gramophone. In our age, records have almost gone out of use and are rather hard to come by. However, this logo etched in my memory points to something rather significant.

Today, the true owners of all internationally acknowledged brands are actually the customers of those brands. Brands which hearken to the wishes of their customers and make big decisions thereupon may be likened to the puppy on the logo giving ear to its missing master.

Sevgi Bolel, Coca-Cola Beverage Group Director of Process Development and Customer Communications Center who participated in the ‘Sustainable Customer Satisfaction’ Forum organized by us during the II. Callcenter Summit which took place on May 29, 2014, shared her experiences and forward-looking ideas with the audience to give them inspiration

Bolel, who mentioned that they carried out various subject-based focus group studies apart from broad participation surveys twice a year, said they used the feedback from their customers as data to improve their shortcomings. She also mentioned that they handled and analyzed the demands and complaints of thousands of customers who contacted their Customer Communication Center every day.

Then we need to have a closer look at the reasons why CCI Turkey has been awarded the ‘Best Practice’ award out of 10 other country operations in its own region.

From what we have learnt, the CCI group aims to become the best FMCG Company in Vision 2020. To achieve that, they are working hard to take service quality and customer satisfaction to the highest level. In the first quarter of 2012, CCI brought into life one of the most important steps taken to realize that vision: They set up the Customer Communication Center which only provides service to dealers and sales points to hear their voices better.

It is harder to adopt a customer-oriented approach in large corporations. Getting the product to a customer at the furthest end of the service network not only entails logistical problems but it also brings with it the responsibility to cater to the customer’s wishes and expectations. Therefore, a customer-oriented approach should not just be a fancy term marketing units use to entertain themselves with; that kind of approach should be infused into the sinews of a corporation and find a place for itself in its daily practices. Besides practical implementation, you have to design all your internal processes according to this perspective to instill this mentality throughout the corporation. The most critical issue at this point is the end-to end conveyance of knowledge in an accurate manner and its correct analysis. This, in turn, can only be achieved using the correct technology.

His Master's Voice(1)

CCI creates flexible workflows using the Mi4biz and monitors the entire process from end to end. With process designs based on analyses created using instant reports, they make sure that everyone’s voices are heard at the grassroots level. Escalating a customer complaint without delay to its correct recipient the moment it has been received and tracking its progress lays the groundwork for ensuring customer loyalty besides winning their appreciation. Therefore, CCI may be described as a giant structure which uses technology to listen to its customers and understand their needs.

Customers are here, there and everywhere and they have fast and easy access to brands. This liberty and empowerment gives them a direct control over corporate decisions. Today, the term ‘end-to-end’ requires a different paradigm. No matter how long the distance between the ends may be, customers are expecting faster service from companies. As customer expectations get more and more complicated, faster service is only possible through flexible and dynamic tools. You have to pick correct solution methods to integrate this approach into all your work environments ranging from hand terminals to mobile phones. This will allow you to hear the sound of your owner more clearly and understand him better…