Expectations from Complaints Management

27 March 2017

Mi4biz is the only product that meets and brings together the expectations of different groups!

Complaints management processes are based on “satisfaction.” Improving customer satisfaction is the main emphasis and objective in the complaints management policies of organizations. However, it is not only an increase in customer satisfaction that is expected from complaints management.

Managers, information technology teams and end users, they all have different expectations from the complaints management software. The success in complaints management is possible through an infrastructure that makes possible the satisfaction of not only the customers, but of also of all the stakeholders whom we have mentioned above; and that provides an optimal solution.

What does the customer want?

The customer expects attention and a speedy solution to the matter of his request or complaint. From the recording of the complaint, to its closure, there must exist an infrastructure keeping the customer informed. Complaints management should automatically inform customers of the solution through channels like email or sms. Giving attention to his/her complaint and showing efforts to solve the problem, will calm down the customer. This enables him to view the institution from a more positive point of view.

The customer is able to send his/her complaint not only via the call center, but also through other channels of communication such as email, websites, chat, and social media. It may be the case that complaints received from different channels of communication be monitored within the organization by different teams independent of each other. This mechanism will lead to a broken link and lack of satisfaction in complaints management. The dissatisfaction of a customer who has emailed a complaint will increase when he calls the call center to find out about the status of his complaints and is answered with a voice oblivious to the complaint. Mi4biz collects complaints coming from different channels into one single center. Therefore, it is possible to track all complaints through Mi4biz, no matter the channel of his communication with you doesn’t matter if it is via email, the call center, or social media. – When you call a customer via the Mi4biz screen, you will be able to display all the complaints, whether it is ongoing or closed- of that customer.

Mi4biz provides an automatic email or sms features. Upon receipt of a new complaint, the customer is informed via e-mail or sms that the request had been registered. Informing the customer of the status of his/her complaint will increase customer satisfaction. Customers will further able to follow the status of their complaints online through the organization’s website.

The Expectations of Users and Management

Users employed in the solution of complaints also have different expectations from the solution of complaints management. The software to be used in complaints management should be an application that is user-friendly and easy enough to enable the easy adaptation of all users.
It should have a dynamic infrastructure capable of adapting to the changing needs. It should be possible to adopt any needed changes by the customer service team without any help from IT or the supplier. It is important to keep complaints management up-to-date as it is possible to apply changing needs easily.

Solving complaints or returning to the customer is not enough for customer satisfaction. The main objective should always be to aim for the better and to increase the quality of after-sales service.

The complaints management system should have a structure capable of expanding in accordance with the increasing volume of work, the numbers of customers and complaints. Mi4biz provides you this flexible infrastructure with its scalable structure. You can easily increase the number of users, and change the topics of complaints, forms of solution and other definitions whenever you need.

Imagine a complaints management software: You wait not for days for the IT department to write up a new code to add up a new field, or pay any fees for a consultant to do it. You are able to easily create the desired new field yourself. This is possible with Mi4biz.It provides time and cost advantages with its flexible infrastructure. It allows your complaints management system to remain dynamic and up to date.

Particularly, the users who are preparing reports to the management, put in an effort to bring together dispersed data related to customer complaints for the reporting. However, it is quite difficult to bring together and interpret complaints management data that is sometimes unrecorded or located on different systems. The management expects to be able to analyze the status of complaints, the topics, products, or services which customers complain about. It seeks to display escalations, the status of lost complaints, and the degrees of customer satisfaction in complaints management.

The ability to analyze the root causes of complaints in particular is of crucial importance in the prevention of similar complaints through preventative measures. Mi4biz complaints management processes enable transparency; all processes are recorded and observable.
Mi4biz dashboard and reports make possible innumerable reporting alternatives and the ability to analyze all recorded data in detail. With graphics and tables, all reports -of performance, distribution, and everything else for which there is felt a need- are provided.

Expectations of the IT Team

The software to be used in complaints management processes is under control of the IT teams. It requires labor to keep the system up, running and up-to-date. The integration capabilities of the complaint management system are quite important in terms of efficiency, the problem-free functioning of solution processes and to keep it up-to-dated.

Furthermore, the system to be used in complaints management has constant costs -such as annual care and support, back up, internet bandwidth capacity, and hardware- under the budget of information technology. The information technology department expects an application that will bring down costs to minimum, and that will not further burden labor in processes of complaints management.

With its easy-to-use management menu, Mi4biz enables the relevant unit to have command of the control management system without causing any extra burden of labor for IT team. It reduces costs of development, by decreasing the dependency on IT and consultancy support for the management of the system. Simultaneously, it has capabilities of speedy integration, therefore, it does not burden IT team with any additional work in needs of integration. With cloud computing model, Mi4biz provides an advantage in costs such as care, support, back up, hardware, and internet capacity.