Effective Sales Pipeline Management

Can you manage your sales pipeline from beginning to end? If not, now it’s time to create an effective sales pipeline management with the Selphiu!

Every year, brands fail to meet customer expectations due to poorly managed sales pipelines. These visual representations of where prospects are in the sales process as known as sales pipelines are critical for all businesses. They help you to track, score, manage and improve your sales process over time.

Take control of your sales life cycle!

Today your business needs to use a sales management software to track of all deals in their sales life cycle. For this reason, please ask yourself these questions to see your entire sales management process landscape! Do you have all customer communication history tracked in your corporate memory or is it hidden in your sales teams’ notebooks? Do you able to define sales phases by yourself? Can your sales team apply the same corporate methodology to the same type of sales projects? Can you track your customers digital behaviours within the communication history?

Can you see who opened the proposal, so that you may think to give a call and ask what he is thinking? Which attendees clicked your web pages just after your meeting? Who read the meeting notes and who watched the presentation video again?

When answers aren’t enough, don’t worry. An effective sales pipeline management can support your business to optimize results. You can keep track of leads, sales and more with the Selphiu’s effective sales pipeline management software.

How to use Selphiu’s this feature?

Sephiu offers an easy-to-use CRM software services. It is effective to create and manage sales pipelines. With this feature you can design your sales cycle and run your sales funnel. You can record meeting notes, phone calls, emails, send your proposals, contracts; track every activity including customers digital behaviours.

What are the benefits of the Sales Pipeline Management inside Selphiu?

With Selphiu’s sales pipeline management feature you can track the entire sales pipeline from a single screen.

  • Build a strong sales pipeline strategy and keep it growing.
  • Maximize results from marketing campaigns, improving your bottom line.
  • Track your leads, proposals and sales from one place.
  • Manage your deals and your pipeline.
  • Improve the efficiency of your sales team.
  • Increase revenue with the sales pipeline management software.

Track Every Activity

  • Take notes on phone talks or meetings.
  • Keep emails in place:
    • Use Mi4biz as your mail client and get benefit of content templates,
    • Or add Mi4biz’s forwarding email address as CC.
  • Track customers’ digital behaviors and be notified:
    • When they read your proposal,
    • When they click your emails, web pages,
    • Which attendees read meeting notes.
  • See prospect history instantly.

Manage Sales Funnel

  • Define the phases of your sales pipeline and make your team run this funnel structure.
  • Your preset business rules may alter the phases of your funnel as well.

For instance, a   click from a prospect might escalate it to a new phase on your sales pipeline.

  • Track sales phases:
    • Which proposed customers visited your web pages, how was their digital behaviors?
    • How many of the ‘hot’ prospects participated to your last campaign?
    • Which prospects haven’t been phoned for 2 weeks?

Sales Pipeline Management

How can I get?

Tracking and managing the sales pipeline is an essential part of successful selling. Simplify your marketing and sales efforts with the Selphiu. To learn more about the Selphiu and the features, contact us.