Digital Campaign Management Easier Than Ever

Designing a mail or a SMS template require technical skills? Do you have to call IT staff, whenever a change needed for the campaign? If you need an easier online campaign management, design email templates and contents with tracking capabilities by the Selphiu’s Digital Campaign Management feature!

Effective digital marketing campaigns increase the entire sales process with customers. A successful online campaign creates new leads and keeps your customers coming back. An organized digital marketing campaign through targeted audiences is not so hard to coordinate anymore.

Design, execute and monitor all digital marketing campaigns!

Ask yourself these questions to maximize the benefits of your digital campaign! Can you create online campaigns within a few minutes? Can you track, receive, read, and click status of each customer on your campaigns? Or only the statistics are available? Do you use digital behaviors of your prospects in the campaign filters? Do you filter companies whose any employee has not read your emails since 2 weeks? Selphiu introduces a new way to solve all these problems, helps you create campaigns without coding and track them according to the digital behaviors.

How to use Selphiu’s this feature?

Easy to use CRM software Selphiu’s Digital Campaign Management feature makes it easy to create and manage a sales and marketing strategy. With this feature you can create email or SMS templates and track them, filter prospects by their tags, attributes and digital behaviours. You can manage even complex B2C and B2B campaigns without any technical support.

What are the benefits of the Digital Campaign Management inside Selphiu?

Digital campaign management design and track processes end up taking many hours, not minutes.

With Selphiu’s Digital Campaign Management feature, you do not need technical skills to design and there’s no need to wait for an IT department to change or create campaigns. Selphiu gives you a clear perspective on how the campaign will go on, and offers a great personalized digital campaign for each customer profile.

Design Custom Drag and Drop Templates

Creating your digital campaigns with a simple touch enables you to nature leads, design campaign templates, manage your time effectively and more. All you have to do is work with Selphiu which helps you to send fully customized templates to the customers.

  • You can type your content using code-free html editor,
  • Insert images, videos, documents using menus or just with drag drop,
  • Paste the URL links and do not worry about tracking, Mi4biz will take care of it,
  • Personalize your campaigns with Mi4biz’s mail merge feature,
  • Include templates within templates to increase reusability,
  • Paste your HTML codes if necessary.

Use Common Attributes and Digital Behaviours Filter

  • You can filter common attributes of customers such as gender, age, place of residence, profession, title, purchase preferences, credit line etc to your filters.
  • Filter customer tags,
  • Filter email received, read and click status of the customers,
  • Filter web site or web page visitors.


Use Common Attributes and Digital Behaviours Filter

Benefit From Website Integration

  • You can design campaigns for your website visitors
  • Track the links or buttons on your website, trigger actions on clicks such as assigning a phone call task for your sales team,
  • Automatically notify your visitors,
  • Synchronize your digital campaigns,
  • A recipient who clicks on a content on your email campaign can be redirected to a specific page and pre-set actions will be triggered such as task assignment.

Execute Campaigns

  • Select a template and a filter and then schedule the campaign,
  • Mi4biz sends emails like a human. Technically Mi4biz campaign emails are no different than the emails sent by a human from any email client,
  • Mi4biz marks the undelivered messages, wrong email addresses etc. by default,
  • Save campaign responses and digital behaviours on the customer card.

Track Customer Behaviours

Track Customer Behaviours

Selphiu gives a report of your campaign behavior, and monitor all your marketing efforts. If you want to see customer behaviors, email deliverability, clicks, and views, just work with our solution which can help measure subscriber engagement with your digital campaign.

How can I get?

Simplify your digital campaign management with the Selphiu. We are working to improve your marketing productivity in your business. To learn more about the Selphiu and the features, contact us.