Digital Behavior Tracking To Understand Customer

Do you know the digital behavior of your target audience? How can you measure the success of your content? Selphiu’s Digital Behavior Tracking feature allows you to understand users to optimize your digital campaign management.

In the era of digital transformation, user behavior is changing the way we do business. You may know your customer’s gender, age, credit line, last 10 purchases. These are traditional informations that reflect their physical appearance. Today customer’s digital behaviour is the greatest asset that you need to be aware of. You need to know if they visit your web pages and if the links are clicked. What motivates your customer to buy? How did they react to your latest email campaign? Does your email has been read, if yes, when and why? Do you know she/he viewed or downloaded your proposal just a minutes ago? You must understand the behaviors of your customers to make a call-to-action.

Turn Subscribers into Customers!

Formalistech’s Selphiu offers an Integrated CRM with the ability of capturing customer digital behavior data and enhanced communication with Mi4biz. This Digital Behavior Tracking feature gives you an online customer engagement tips. You can track datas from who opened and clicked your campaigns, emails, click the links to where in the company the users work and which links they clicked on.

How to use Selphiu?

Easy to use CRM software Selphiu gives you a real-time insight to understand digital behaviors for the better customer engagement. You can get instant notification and run a business rule when your customers read your proposal or when they visit your web pages, or when they click any of your contents.

What are the benefits of the Digital Behavior Tracking inside Selphiu?

Understanding human behavior is a complicated task and it is also key to achieving core business goals. With the Selphiu’s Digital Behavior Tracking feature you can really know your audience and their motivations for a successful customer-driven marketing strategy.

Selphiu shows which subscribers viewed and clicked your contents. You can follow consumer response to your campaigns or websites, track results and learn which campaigns are working best with which people, in which title, in which context and in which time period.

Track Your Email CampaignsTrack Your Email Campaigns

Selphiu’s this unique feature answers all of these questions:

  • How your customers actually read your emails?
  • Who read your emails, who clicked the content?
  • What are the statistics, what are the click and read ratios?
  • In which days or hours your prospects read campaign emails?
  • How the industry, title or other segmentations effect the CTR?
  • How to consistently get your campaigns opened, read, and clicked?

Monitor Your Website Campaigns

  • Who visited your web pages, from where is he/she coming?
  • Who clicked which links in your web pages?
  • Who accepted to join your campaign?

Know Your Prospects Much Better

  • Which pages did this person visited since the date …?
  • Which links in your web did this person clicked?
  • Which of your emails did this person read? Which links did he click?
  • Did she/he read your proposal, contract etc? When?

How can I get?

The Digital Behavior Tracking feature helps you to understand customer’s behavior better. You can easily analyze behaviors to optimize your digital campaign management. We are working to improve your customer engagement. To learn more about the Selphiu and the features, contact us.