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Mi4biz is a very user-friendly application that keeps all the functions needed in a notification management system (escalation structure, workflow etc.). It is a great advantage that the changes of process or the flows from business departments can be managed by users without the need of IT support. Considering all of these, Mi4biz become more prominent than other products.
We integrated our systems. We know our customers, display the demand history, and provide faster service in a shorter time. Since our branches, Head Office units and Kahramanmaraş Operations Center are working on the same program, progressing from a single point facilitated our processes and our life thanks to Mi4biz.
We needed a platform that we can maintain communication with customers constantly in every channel, also that we can install and manage by ourselves. Thereupon, we began a quest. At a call center conference, we had the opportunity to see Mi4biz presentations and “This is what we look for!” we said.
At Bosch Termoteknik our basic strategy is to be customer focused. We thought Mi4biz would ensure that we can generate alarms about the quality of our products. We started to give a personal service with Mi4biz. For instance, we are tracking mistakes about a new model and allow them to be resolved quickly by relevant departments. Being able to intervene before proliferating problems through proactive action gives us great benefits.
Mi4biz has a structure that allows us to make the changes we want. Besides, it’s a local product. We decided to use Mi4biz to trace our customers’ history, to facilitate communication between internal departments, and to be able to stand by the customer until his/her notification is closed. We preferred especially, for the reasons as being a program that we can design by ourselves without receiving help from IT.
We chose Mi4biz to take advantage of features suchlike integration possibilities, ease of use, training and consulting support. Within about two weeks, we were able to follow our complaints end to end.
Some of the reasons that lead us to Mi4biz are effective time management, possibility to design without help from IT, cloud feature, opportunity to analyze cases afterwards, measuring by following up in certain processes and being a suitable system for our new substructure.
As an insurance company, the most common contact we receive is damage claims. In addition to customers, we have many business partners such as agencies, hospitals, auto services and etc. We have been using Mi4biz for the past year to combine all these platforms on a single platform and to follow up with a 360-degree view, to avoid duplicate records and to serve our customers better.
We started using Mi4biz to get in touch with our customers more and to understand them better. We chose Mi4biz for competences like a quick and efficient performance when to add a structure or when a new integration is needed, its reporting features and single screen system.
With Mi4biz, we can quickly adapt to the regulations of committee on banking supervision and easily prepare the demanded reports. Mi4biz matches exactly with our information security rules.
We have initiated a change movement in order to keep in step with technology in forwarding the malfunction notices, leakage notices, complaint and demands to relevant departments, solving them and replying back to the customer. In this change movement, we chose Mi4biz as the optimal system for our requirements.
Mi4biz’s interface and workflows can be designed for business units, regardless of IT. Thus, the workload of IT is decreasing. Integrated with banking systems; we can use all information in the customer’s bank from complaints management. We do not have to go from one screen to another. We can design hundreds of processes in a single platform integrated with each other.
Mi4biz allows collecting and managing notifications from all communication channels in a single center. When the complaints are recorded, work can be assigned to the relevant directorate via Mi4biz and the performance of the teams can be measured.
Mi4biz offers a flexible, easy to integrate and reportable structure to its customers. With Mi4biz, it can be scaled so that the infrastructure of different customers can be managed from a single center.
Mi4biz, in the notification management process, allows us to carry out all inventory management and follow-up of maintenance agreements simultaneously.
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