What Did Our Customers Achieve With Mi4biz?

1 March 2018

Mi4biz is a platform enabling your management of customer demands in its solution process not only from a call center or a customer services department but also from a single center throughout your company. You can systematically pre-design your workflow depending on the categories of problems and according to your preferences and forward notifications received from different channels to a single center. We asked customers, who have benefited from Mi4biz’s advantages, questions such as: what kind of changes did you experience via Mi4biz? and which tasks were facilitated? What kind of achievements was obtained? And our customers shared their experiences. We have compiled their experiences for you. We hope you will enjoy reading their experiences.

The platform previously used by Allianz required too much IT support and system sources. Our most notable achievement thanks to Mi4biz is to implement the system rapidly without requiring IT support and to inactivate rapidly the previous system that was utilizing too many sources.

Ozcan Varna
Allianz Turkey Customer Services Group Chairman

We are targeting to convey Mi4biz processes to each platform, where there are customers. Owing to the perfect operation of the system and our professional staff, management of complaints from every channel has become an easy task. Besides, Mi4biz facilitates our work in respect for accurate reporting of notifications that are received by our bank.

Ebru Turhan Keskin
Complaint Management Team Manager

We can now utilize a segmentation system for our customers. For example, Mi4biz recognizes our VIP customers and their complaints and demands are then prioritized. We can produce alarm systems for product quality after we started to use the system. By monitoring complaints related with defects in new models released, we ensure that problems will be solved rapidly by the concerned departments. The principle of acting proactively by intervening before problems accumulate provides us a great advantage.

Zulfiye Akcicek Coskun
Customer Communication Center Manager

Owing to integration capacity, ease of use, training and consultancy support of Mi4biz, we are now able to monitor all complaints end-to-end following a two weeks period of adaptation. We can manage our products dynamically over Mi4biz thanks to ERP integration and we have not encountered any losses of data.

Oya Karagoz
Customer Experience & Campaign Manager

Following utilization of Mi4biz, we started classifying customer demands and complaints. Before that, we had to form a customer log for each customer notification. Now we can view customer history for that customer contacting us via use of a database history established for that customer. Thereby, we skip new customer logging process when a demand or complaint is received and so we minimize loss of time.

Eylul Eygi
Business Development Manager

Before Mi4biz, we used to manage customer services via e-mails. We used to reply around 200-250 e-mails per day. When we took a notification, every personnel, starting from the top to the bottom, used to read it. Now we have an intelligent hierarchic structure. Everyone views and replies his/her own notifications. Consequently, we have improved our productivity and started to operate safer under a systematic infrastructure.

Hande Canoglu Korkmaz
Senior Consumer Insights Manager

Oriflame has implemented the correct position of Mi4biz solution process with the use of its own inter-company analyses. We have not encountered any problems at the stages of transfer of the system, planning of business processes and developments. We benefit immensely from continuous development and uninterrupted communication abilities of the system.

Nursel Kolemen
Customer Services Manager

Our customer services have accelerated via Mi4biz. We are now able to prevent repeated loggings for customer demands and we can now operate certain automation rules during the processes of filtering and forwarding. With the use of such rules, customer demands can be forwarded to their respective categories and to concerned specialists without requiring any human contact. Thereby, our rates of error has been minimized and encountered problems were resolved faster.

Baris Inan
Marketing and Customer Demand Management Directorship, Digital Channels Manager

Reporting process has improved significantly. As all of processes are now under our control, we have attained much better results than we had expected. Our dependence on IT department has been minimized. 90% of our customer calls can be resolved at the first contact. After Mi4biz, we were awarded as the best trademark in managing customer experiences.

Sedat Altuntas
1v1y Customer Services Manager

Our call center was classically designed. Our agents used to receive calls and then forward them to respective departments and when the problem was resolved, they used to call the customers back. After Mi4biz, being the first one in our sector, we have changed the name of the call center to “solution center”.

İlker Mermertas
Operations Director

Before we started to work with Mi4biz, documents used to travel between departments and rest at tables or responses to customer demands could be delayed. With Mi4biz, we started to transmit documents over the system. Legal penalty risks due to late applications were decreased, as we are able to follow legal processes over Mi4biz.

Orhan Sonmez
Customer Services Group Manager

Developing our business, announcing our independence in respect for IT issues and designing management with our own sources are a few of the Mi4biz’s advantages that we have benefited from. Positive feedbacks we are receiving from users demonstrate that we did the right thing by choosing Mi4biz.

Gokhan Pacali
Customer Services Manager

After Mi4biz, we started to inform our customers at every step we take when we receive a demand or complaint. Thereby we can monitor which department, who, for how long deals with the customer’s demand and intervene to the resulting solution at every step. We can define the problem; determine the workflow; assign the department and personnel; monitor processes and report delays to upper management.

Salih Karabulut
Service and Customer Experience Manager

Via Mi4biz, we can easily adapt to regulations of BDDK and prepare the required forms. Mi4biz is in complete harmony with our information security rules.

Refia Isik Aydin
Ethics and Customer Manager

Mi4biz has enabled conclusion of complaints with a 100% monitoring ability as for management of citizens’ complaints and follow up of solution times of complaints, which is considered the biggest problem for us. It helped us manage all processes in addition to the process between complaining party and responding party.

Erdem Zekeriya Iskenderoglu
IT Manager

We started to provide technological support service in a new arena with a new style thanks to Mi4biz. As soon as we receive a call, we are trying to resolve the problem in accordance with the extent of our capabilities. We provide a flexible, easily integrated and reportable structure to our customers via use of Mi4biz. Infrastructure of different types of customers can be measured via Mi4biz so that they can be managed from a single center.

Orcun Obalar
Sales and Marketing Manager

We can manage different demands received from our customers in the Mi4biz notification management process and we can consequently direct inventory management and maintenance contract scopes.

Gokhan Uzun
Egebimtes Technical Service Department Manager