Customer Experience Management Software

An End-to-End Customer Experience Management Software

An End-to-End Customer Experience Management Software

Mi4biz is a leading customer management software to examine and analyse dissension and related facts among you and your clients. The cases not only revised within the customer service, other departments and stakeholders might have be involved with this process throughout the company as well. By the help of an end to end customer experience management software according to the capabilities involved in an omnichannel approach of all communication tools, every step of a solution process can be monitored with timestamps.

Besides very useful communication ways of customer services, it is still preferable for customers to contact Customer Service through the form on the contact pages. Therefore, the importance of an omnichannel customer service management system shines out. Mi4biz offers a ready to use web interface for your customers which is managed through non technical interfaces. You can add remove fields and create different contact forms for every category without writing codes.

Give Immediate Feedback Timely As the Complaint Occurs

Give Immediate Feedback Timely As the Complaint Occurs

Bad surprises like noticing the client complaints weeks later in one of less used email inboxes is bygone in Mi4biz. It is almost impossible to miss any of your unique customers with our omnichannel and integrated end to end customer experience management software.

Mi4biz also capable of analysing and classifying customers’ texts, verbal expressions or questions in terms of complaint, debriefing, suggestions or request for a better service option in an integrative report.

All kinds of technical malfunctions due to useless, non-progressive customer management software are things of the past within our customer experience management software Mi4biz. We assure you that it is almost impossible to fail in obtaining all complaints and giving feedback with best fitting solutions in an applicable way.

How Fast Can You Respond?

How Fast Can You Respond?

Once processing complaints reach customer service, the minimum waiting time is ensured by predefined workflows and automated notifications. Mi4biz customer experience management software will make you and your clients enjoy having a pleasing communication experience ever.

Customers are responded within a period as less as possible. Due to the nature and cause of the underlying problem in the background, it is possible to provide a solution or agreement within the time you receive the complaint. According to the process, you can inform your clients properly and keep them in touch relevant to the situation until there is a final answer.

Essentials of Customer Experience Management Software

Omni Channel Communication

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Business Process Management

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Digital Intelligence (DQ)

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