Business Process Reports and Dashboards

Mi4biz provides dashboards and reports to have a 360-degree view of the processes and customer service activities measuring the performances and warning when KPI are not achieved. Managers will make better decisions and quickly adapt to new trends.

Escalation reports can highlight inefficiencies and poorly designed workflows. Mi4biz makes it possible to analyze the metrics that enable managers to monitor the contribution of the various departments and achieve better performance.

You always know who is doing what and who is late.

Analyze customer issues, monitor customer service performance, monitor product and service quality. Reveal the root causes and identify opportunities for corrective and preventative actions. Increase accountability as your employees take ownership of their performance through improved visibility.

Mi4biz measures

  • Departmental performances
  • Branch, Division, Shop based performances
  • Employee-based performances
  • Regional performances
  • Customer segmentation based performance
  • Partner’s or Vendor’s performances

Mi4biz provides filtered reports:

  • For categories
  • For regions
  • About specific products
  • Related to designated suppliers
  • For specific causes

Mi4biz collects all data about performance, customer satisfaction, KPIs, and SLAs.