Automated Workflows

Do you want to improve customer experience by automating manual processes? Take your business to the next level with the Mi4biz’s automated workflows.

One of the biggest challenges for today’s businesses is staying digitally-savvy customer focused. Each customer issue needs a special treatment from various departments in the organization. So what should you do to improve the satisfaction?

Orchestrate complex workflows!

When a customer request can’t be solved during call center, it’s necessary to have it dispatched through all related processing stages. Who should decide what to do when an issue is submitted? Your call center agents? Or your predefined workflow for that issue category? Which one would be the more corporate way of solving customer issues? Mi4biz gives you the correct answer with it’s workflow automation solution. You can set rules to manage and orchestrate your processes with the automated workflows of Mi4biz.

How to use Automated Workflows of Mi4biz?

Automated workflows are the key to achieve sustainable customer loyalty, because your service should be consistent and you should avoid “reinventing the wheel” every minute. Resolving different type of issues may require different workflows and forms. Mi4biz enables you to associate predefined processes with issue categories and business rules. Therefore whenever an issue is submitted, corresponding workflows will be initiated automatically.

Moreover, Mi4biz allows you to design and modify different workflows by using the simple drag-and-drop feature for different types of processes or tasks. You can create automated workflows that can get triggered in a number of different ways and simplify your processes!

No need to call IT!

You don’t need to code even one line and any IT specialists anymore. when you need to design or change processes (forms, workflows, SLA’s, escalations, …). All can be done through the design tools provided by Mi4biz. If you know the processes in the customer service that is the only requirement. Mi4biz is the easiest way to automate your business. Therefore you can design automated workflows by creating process paths and assigning tasks based on the conditions.

  • You can design separate workflows, forms and categories for each type of issues.
  • Whenever an issue arises, relevant workflow will be run automatically.

Each Issue Category Requires Special Care


▶ If the issue is about a misbehaving employee, a different set of question should be asked to the customer. Create categories, forms and use them to get better information in initial contact in agent interface or self service forms.

Each Issue Category Requires Special Care

▶ But if the case is about a purchase return then the interfaces should include different set of data and questions. Build category and use the related form that you created.



▶ The issue concerning the bad behaviour of a front desk employee which may engage the Call Center, Human Resource and the Manager. So the issue is directed to the related people/work groups. Set target times, business rules and track them with Mi4biz’s easy to use structure.

complaint and employees involved report

▶ But in the case of purchase return, finance department will be in involved within the workflow. You do not need your staff to decide which department should deal with the problem for each case.

purchase return


▶ Manage your customer service efficiency based on conditions to be taken before or after a deadline. Let’s say if the issue is about a misbehaviour of an employee then SLA will be 36 hours in total and the escalation chart would start from by HR department manager will go up if the problem continues.


▶ But if the case is about a purchase return problem then the SLA and escalation chart would be different.

But if the case is about a purchase return problem then the SLA and escalation chart would be different.

What are the benefits of the Automated Workflows of Mi4biz?

Your organization operates business more efficiently with automated workflow processes. Mi4biz creates opportunities to transform business processes and optimize workflows. With the workflow automation feature of Mi4biz, you can:

  • Design your workflows based on the specific type of your business processes.
  • Build a successful cloud-based business categories and deliver long-term value.
  • Boost your customer service efficiency, and accomplish more tasks.
  • Automate the resolution steps and streamline everyday business processes.
  • Diverse interfaces and separate SLAs for each type of issue.
  • Make and assign repetitive tasks easy.
  • Track delays and benefit from alerting, escalation features.
  • Ensure your customers and organization that the right people get the right information.
  • Reduce human mistakes and improve customer conversation.
  • Get rid of traditional workflow processes which can be time consuming and expensive.
  • Solve customer’s problems and create a seamless customer experience journey.
  • Grow your business by delivering a great customer experience.

How can I get?

In the digital era you should provide a more personalized customer service that drives sales and customer loyalty. Improve your business processes management with the workflow automation solution of Mi4biz. To learn more about the Mi4biz and the features, contact us.