Whatever the reports or dashboards you have, you (or your manager) will want more reports or will want current reports with different format in near future.

Sometimes corporate reporting and business intelligence policy may require Mi4biz data.

Mi4biz reports and dashboards are also available in spreadsheet format. Since everybody knows spreadsheets you can make changes or add similar sheets, with pivot tables, graphics etc. If you tell Mi4biz to change your spreadsheet reports to the one you modified, next time you will get them in new format. This is the freedom for reporting.
We are not sure whether or not your dream about reporting exists in Mi4biz, but we are sure the data is in Mi4biz.

You will always want more from reports. Mi4biz provides you with tools to design your own reports. Or you can integrate Mi4biz with your own reporting platform. Mi4biz reports are available as spreadsheets. You can change format, layout or add new charts and pivots. If you prefer, next time you can get your spreadsheets reports with this new format.

Change SpreadSheet Reports

  • Change current reports, graphics, pivot tables,
  • Add new reports, graphics, pivot tables,
  • Add new sheets,

Next time get your spreadsheets with new formats.